Create the ultimate blend for you or a loved one

Creating a seamless perfectly crafted coffee blend is an art. Say goodbye to your supermarket blends or concoctions dreamed up by your local specialty roaster. Create a blend with the coffee beans in it that you like with the taste that you prefer.

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How It Works

Choose your beans

A Single Origin refers to 1 bean type from one place in the world. A blend consists of 2 or more Single Origins.

Select up to 6 different origins from out list to form your very own blend. They are all priced per gram meaning you can mix some pretty decadent rare batch beans in smaller amounts and cut it with some cheaper varieties.

Quantities and Ratios

Select the quantities of each single origin you choose. Simply denote a % value and you’re away. Make sure they equal 100% when you’re finished.

Roasted and Toasted

Next you need to choose how you want it roasted, otherwise known as the “Roast Profile”. Sound technical? Let simplify it.

If you like a light style filter extracted coffee, maybe select ‘Light Roast’. If you swig back your double espresso with a cigar every morning, perhaps you would prefer a ‘dark roast’. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, we recommend you select ‘you choose’

How Much

You can select sizes ranging from your typical 225g bag to 1kg.

Choose some swanky packaging

Your roast will arrived packaged in a nice wooden box with some trimmings. If you want to send it as a gift, add some extras like a gift tag with your own personalised message.

Order and wait

At the end of the process you will be directed to a Pay Pal page where you can purchase via your account or via Credit Card. Then sit back and relax while we roast and ship.

Sip and Enjoy

There’s nothing like that cup of coffee which presses all the right buttons. Everyone is different. Get used to enjoying coffee exactly the way you want it.